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Who does  the evaluation (University Ranking)? What are the benefits of the evaluation and who benefits from the evaluation?
One of the topics that has recently been aroused and which has started to flourish in the last period is how do we evaluate (Ranking) educational institutions  and one of the main points that have been brought to attention is the awarding of ranks to each of the individual educational institutions without explaining or showing on what basis the institutions was evaluated.  This in turn affects the decision making process of the higher education seeker on whether or not to contiue his/her education in a particular institution without taking into consideration that the particular ranking given to the institution could be insignficant to whether the institution is a compentent one or not in the educaitonal field.
Eduroute volunteers different from other unviersity web ranking professionals in that they study and research new ways based on solid scientific facts  in which to evaluate the educational institutions taking into consideration that the main beneficiaries of this ranking will be researchers, higher education seekers or any other individual. The ranking will mainly be based on the information provided by the educational institutions, the internet or from outside parties.
Finally we must emphasize that evaluating and ranking the different educational institutions serves as a very important tool to the decision maker in choosing a particular institution.

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