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World university ranks 2010

We have been working and developing our methodology on evaluating university ranking data for a while now just to ensure that we could reach a real benchmark using good analysis tactics when measuring university performance.

How is Eduroute's 2010 ranking different?

For the 2010 ranking we have concentrated more on what the world needs from the university and who needs or benefits from this information i.e. Students, parents, alumni, academic staff . We have focused more on measuring the level of commitment between the universities and other different academic institutions using a new and from our point of view good indicator which is the G-factor. The G-factor mainly measures the interaction level between the universities and the many other academic institutions.

With the 2010 ranking we have focused more on the universities social contributions and activities that have been published on the internet. We have also decreased the percentage given to the Google scholar indicator despite it being one of the largest and most comprehensive free nonprofit online scientific library. The reason for doing so is that we have found out that many institutions misuse this excellent tool provided by Google. Therefore till the contents entered are better monitored and sorted we will continue attributing a low percentage to the Google scholar indicator.

It has not been easy however to choose another alternative to Google scholar because by selecting another for profit institution would mean that we support and endorse that institution which could lead the universities to feel pressured into signing up with that particular institution in order to improve their ranking. However that is a completely unacceptable approach when considering ranking indicators since we fully support the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).

After the announcement of the 2009 ranking results we initiated a comparison between the other university ranking institutions and us. Although the methodologies used are different the university ranking results obtained were very similar. This goes to show that the top universities generally take into consideration all the general ranking indicator measures despite being different in their methods of execution.

Finally we would like to dedicate the 2010 university ranking results to the beneficiaries of the different academic institutions and the academic institutions themselves in the hope of being totally transparent in the way we rank the universities and the methodologies that we use. One of the main goals of publishing the 2010 university ranking results is to create a competitive environment between the different universities and especially the universities with low ranking results in order to encourage them to score better results and improve their general performance.

The 2010 ranking results will be announced at the end of March 2010.

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