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EduRoute University Ranking Methodology

University ranking & university web ranking

Currently Eduroute's interests are focused on studying and evaluating university websites and not the performance of a university since it is our belief that evaluating a university's performance is not an easy task and one that includes many more different factors than the ones being measured here. One of the crucial factors that prevent us from actually giving any university a fair evaluation is the lack to data provided by the university and the current conflict between the different theories on evaluating a university's actual performance.
Evaluating university websites is of great interest to Eduroute since it reflects the degree of investment and effort the university has put into its website and in making its presence felt on the internet and the academic community. It is also worth noting that the universities that have good academic reputations are also ones that received top rankings in our evaluation which proves that evaluating and ranking website can be relied upon to reflect the quality of education received in any one university.
Ranking Methodology


As the amount of information published on a university's website increases the bigger the chance the site users have of being able to familiarize themselves with the website, the university itself, finding the comprehensive information of what they are searching for and of what the university have to offer. It is also an indicator of the degree of interaction between the website and its users whether they are students or university professors. This in turn reflects the amount of support and investment the university has put into providing as much information as possible about the university on its website. The volume of information published is measure by a set of commands that run on the major search engines.

Online scientific information

University publications and their number are one of the major and most important things that have to be taken into consideration when ranking a university. This is an especially important aspect of ranking since it attracts researchers and scholars looking for researches to the website of a certain university. It also enriches the university's scientific side on the internet.
Eduroute measures this aspect through the search engines which specialize in publishing researches and scholarly articles and which search a university's website for all available publications.

Links quantity

Website links are one of the main factors which determine the success of any website and the degree of its interaction with other related and good websites. Here Eduroute measures the number of incoming links whether these links are from academic or nonacademic websites. However academic links are of higher importance since they reflect how connected the university is with the online academic community and how respected and appreciated it is from other academic institutions.

Quality of links and content

This ranking factor mainly measures the quality of links and factors. Sometimes some of the university's provide lots of content and links on their website without taking into consideration the quality of those links and the content published on the website. Some universities also resort to buying links without taking into consideration whether or not these links link to other related and renowned websites. Therefore it was of great importance to measure this aspect of any
website in order to reflect the true size of a university's website on the internet and to measure the degree in which the university is concerned with the quality of content it provides on its website.

Our Ranking Engine runs three times to get the result

The university ranking engine passes through three main and important stages which are:
1. Automatic evaluation which occurs three times a month before the official ranking is announced.
2. Average Calculation between the results obtained for the automatic evaluations to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data.
3. Random manual testing which is done by taking a random 25% sample from the top 1000 university and then a 5% sample from the rest of the universities.

After these stages are completed the official ranking results are announced on EduRoute.

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